– Physical access for people with reduced mobility: The building lacks physical barriers. The domus has a the stairlift with a wheelchair platform; the first floor can be accessed by elevator. Toilets for people with reduced mobility are available

 Access for the visually impaired: There is a braille guide and a relief reproduction of the altar as well as a four-piece touch collection (opus signinum (Roman building material), a Mithraic ring, loom pieces, and amphora handles)

– Language access: A free museum guide with a brief explanation of the site and a map of the Museum is given out with tickets; it can also be downloaded from this page. The site has touch screens that offer information about each of the spaces in the domus. Brochures, screens and videos are available in Galician, Spanish and English.


Please note that:

– Since the domus is seven meters below the current street level in Lugo, the temperature is significantly lower than what it is outside; furthermore, the humidity levels tend to be considerably higher. Thus, it is advisable to bring adequate clothing.

– Entrance with bulky packages, such as suitcases, backpacks and the like, is prohibited.

– The access rules are common to those of most museums: you cannot enter the museum with umbrellas, backpacks or sharp objects. You may not consume food or drinks inside the museum, nor enter with animals (except guide dogs).

– Flash photography and video recording are not possible.

– The Museum does not have a bar or cafeteria, but nearby (Calle de la Cruz, Plaza del Campo, Rúa Nova) there is great availability.